Flat Groove T-bar


Item:   Flat Groove T-bar Grid
Brand Name:  YouYuan
Code:  YY13
Place Of Origin:  China
Material:  Galvanized Steel Strip
Zinc Coating:  60-150g/sq.m
Technique:  Zinc and Baked
Surface Treatment:  Black Cross Line
Application:  Suspension Ceiling System
Type:  Ceiling Grid Components
Color:  White Surface Wth Black Cross Line

Main Tee:  32x24x3600/3660mm,32x15x3600/3660

Cross Tee:  25x24x1200/1220mm,26x15x1200/1220mm

Sub Cross Tee:  25x24x600/610mm,26x15x600/610mm

Wall Angle:  22x22x3000/3050mm