Stone Coated Steel Roof


Item:  Stone Coated Steel Roof Sheet
Brand Name:  YouYuan
Code:  YY17
Place Of Origin:  China

Material:  Aluminum-Zinc Galvanized Steel Sheet

 and Colored stone chip

Zinc Coating:  60-270g/sq.m
Surface Treatment:  Colored Stone Chips Coated
Application:  Roof
Size:  1340x420x0.4mm


Stone coated steel roofs can withstand all kinds of weather such as humid hot and extremely cold.This kind of roofs are also highly resistant to all kinds of corrosion due to galvalume as main material.The top of colored stone chip not only provide perfect appearance but also have function of sound insulation.


Advantage of stone coated steel roof as following:

  1. Light weight(2pcs make up 1 square meter,5.4kgs/1 square meter).

  2. Easy installation and maintenance.

  3. Perfect and elegance appearance.

  4. Excellent Durability  (Due to high temperature colored chips,the tiles are guaranteed to 35years without fading and peel off) 

The structure :